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Salt Pool Chlorinator Cell

Are you in the market for a salt pool chlorinator cell? If so, here’s why buying online makes perfect sense. You can order from the comfort of your home and just wait for delivery. When you order from The Salt Cell Site, you get the best prices in Australia.

Salt chlorinators make swimming so much more pleasurable than chlorine pools. No more stinging eyes and nose, no more stench, and no more lugging and storing bags of chlorine.

Through the power of electricity, salt cells convert common salt into liquid chlorine. All you need to do is to add salt to your pool and turn on your chlorinator. Later the chlorine will change back to salt again, and so the cycle goes.

Just turn on your chlorinator and your pool water starts to become clean and soft. And it’s all due to the magic of the salt pool chlorinator cell. These cells last a long time but the day does come when they need replacing. That’s when you need the services of The Salt Cell Site.

After years of working in the pool industry, we identified a need for high quality low cost pool products and accessories. Establishing The Salt Cell Site was our way of fulfilling that need.

Salt Pool Chlorinator Cell Buyer Guide

After you identify the right type of cell for your make of chlorinator, you have to decide whether you wish to order a genuine or no genuine replacement cell. Non genuine cells are made to very high specifications by third party manufacturers and the quality is at least equal to that of the genuine (factory) item.

We back this up with a full two-year warranty for no genuine goods. For genuine models, the warranty runs from 1-5 years depending on the make.

You can place your order right here at our website and we'll ship your goods to your door by courier or express post to anywhere in Australia.

Our aim is to make the purchase of your pool equipment as easy as possible:


  • We have many years experience in the pool industry and can advise you of different products and applications as required
  • We use Couriers or Express Post for rapid door to door delivery and accurate product tracking;

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