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Salt Chlorinators


Titanium Edition Salt Chlorinators
K Chlor Salt Chlorinators

These chlorinators retrofit Auto Chlor, Clearwater and Chloromatic / Monarch

K Chlor Digital Chlorinators
Saltmate Salt Chlorinators

 A salt chlorinator is basically a chlorine generator, which consists of two parts: a low voltage power supply and an electrolytic cell. Through the process of electrolysis the units convert salt to sodium hypochloride (liquid chlorine). When the chlorine has completed its work on cleaning your pool water, it reforms back into salt! It does not use up any salt through this process. The advantages of salt in swimming pools, apart from the sanitising effect are the pleasantness of the water, lack of red eyes from prolonged bathing, convenience, lower chemical costs and the fact that asthma and hay fever sufferers can now swim in and under water without adverse symptoms