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Replacement Salt Cells

Salt cells provide years of cleaning power to make your swimming pool water healthy and pleasant. However the days does eventually come when they need replacing. If you’re planning to buy replacement salt cells for your chlorinator, get in touch with The Salt Cell Site for a wide range of quality products at attractive prices.

We can offer such a wide choice at rock bottom prices because we’re a strictly online operation. Just order from us at the website and we’ll shop your replacement salt cells right to your door.

Replacement Salt Water Cell from The Salt Cell Site

We carry both genuine and non-genuine items so as to give you the choices you need. However non-genuine doesn’t mean lower quality. We stand by our non-genuine items and assure you they’re the equal if not better than the factory items.

All non-genuine models feature a 2-year full warranty. For factory cells, the warranty ranges from 1-5 years depending on the brand. Get in touch for full details.

We have many years of experience in the swimming pool industry and know it well. Our extensive knowledge allows us to provide you with just the right replacement salt cell for your needs.

Our aim is to make the purchase of your pool equipment as easy as possible:


  • We have many years experience in the pool industry and can advise you of different products and applications as required
  • We use Couriers or Express Post for rapid door to door delivery and accurate product tracking;

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